200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training 

The first part of the program takes you deeper in your practice. Each weekend will consist of biomechanical principles, asana (poses), pranayama (breathing), meditation & philosophy.  As you continue, not only will you feel empowered in your own practice, you will also learn how to share your skills and enthusiasm with others. Learn how to teach yoga to various populations. You will learn to inspire students, to use effective language, sequence classes for different levels, perform hands on adjustments.
Requirement: Desire to enhance your practice and life!

Syllabus 2016
We meet 1 weekend per month. Dates and places of training vary.

Immersion 1 In this weekend you will deepen your understanding of basic, foundational yoga poses. You will integrate biomechanical principles into your practice and add strength and flexibility to your life! Learn ways to incorporate yoga into your life no matter how much (or little) time you have. Also included are the study of the 8 Limbs of Yoga, 5 Points, Paths of Yoga, Pranayama (expansion of breath) and Meditation.

Immersion 2 will take you deeper building on the first immersion. We’ll review and refine the biomechanical alignment principles. You’ll study anatomy and physiology and how it relates to yoga. You will experience more challenging yoga poses. You will learn basic breathing and relaxation techniques to enhance your meditation practice. We’ll look at the yoga sutras and apply them to real life situations.

Immersion 3 will take your practice to the next level! You’ll learn key alignment principles for different classification of poses. You will learn how to safely and effectively transition from one pose to another. You will learn how to create a sequence for your home practice. You will deepen your pranayama and meditation practice.

Understanding Common Conditions and How Yoga Can Help. You will look at postural alignment and how it affects basic function. We will discuss injury and healing. You will learn how to help yourself and others heal from non-weight bearing to weight bearing positions.

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali with special guest scholar. Do deep into the philosophy and origins of yoga. 
Asana and review of Immersions

Teaching Weekend 1- Formal Teaching Begins. Ethical guideline, Seat of the Teacher, Language and Themes. Using effective language. Passive vs. active language. Words that have a strong impact. Words or phrases to avoid. Speaking clearly with concise directions.
Seeing the position and adjusting verbally. Form Games. How to effectively and respectfully touch.

Teaching Weekend 2 - Strengthening Vision – seeing the class, what to say, specific verbal adjustments, physical adjustments. Reviewing Touch. How to do effective in class demonstrations.
Agni Sara, Strong Practice and more challenging poses. Practice Teaching
Special Topics

Teaching Weekend 3 - Special Topics – Prenatal, Kids, Populations with physical challenges.

Teaching Weekend 4 - Practice teaching, partner work, teaching poses: headstand, shoulderstand, drop-backs, drop-overs
Review for final

Teaching Weekend 5 (plus 1 Day the following weekend) - Business. Ethics. Practice teaching, Final exam

Intro to Yoga Series (7.5 Hours)

During the course of Teacher Training you will attend an Intro to Yoga Series. The series is held on Wednesday evening 7:30-9pm at ILYC (this may vary depending on where you are doing your TT). You will take the class as if you are new to yoga. It is meant to help you understand how a beginner learns to do yoga poses and how a series is designed and instructed. 

Observe and Assist (3 Hours, 2 Classes)

Total = 190.5 Contact Hours

Assignments and Quizzes (9.5 Non-Contact Hours) – you will have short assignment designed to strengthen your skills, help you to teach and enrich your life. You will have a few quizzes. Some announced and some unannounced.

Practice Teaching – you will teach a full class to your piers

Written Final Exam – you will have a complete review before this exam. It is cumulative and you will need to score 70% or higher.

Each weekend is 20 Hours of contact time. You will have 1 hour lunch on Saturday and Sunday at approximately 12:30pm. You are welcome to bring lunch and eat here or go out.

Lines of communication are always open. Let’s have fun.

Upcoming 200 Hour TT Programs

Alchemy Mind & Body Wellness Spa, Princeton, NJ

Dates: TBA

Inner Light Yoga Center, North Brunswick, NJ

March 2017

March 17-19, April 7-9, May 5-7, June 2-3, July 14-16, August 4-6, September 15-17, October 6-8, November 3-5 &10

Free Info Session - 200 HR TTP on Sunday January 29,2017 at 2pm at Inner Light Yoga Center

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